Backpacking Gear List

Individual gear Detail Totals Notes Code
Back pack External: 4000 cu. in. +/-
Internal: 4800 cu. in. +/-
1 Room for crew gear. Padded Hip Belt
Pack cover Rain cover 1 Or large garbage bag modified
Daypack 1 Lightweight and could be used as clothing stuff bag
Sleeping bag Lite weight mummy+20 1 Waterproof stuff sack (< 5 lbs)
Sleeping pad Closed cell or Therm-A-Rest 1
Sleep wear shirt Long/Short sleeve cotton 1 Stuff w/ sleeping bag. Not optional
Sleep wear shorts Nylon gym shorts 1 Stuff w/ sleeping bag. Not optional
Sleeping Bag Straps NOT BUNGEE
CLOTHING All Clothes packed in Ziploc plastic bags or water proof stuff sacks
Layer A Hiking Clothes
Hiking Boots 1 Well broken in! Mid-weight with ankle support
Camp shoes Tennis/sandals/Crocs 1
Socks and liners Wool blend + liners 4 pairs ea In large zip lock bag
Hiking Shorts 1 pair Too much waist material will be uncomfortable
Short Sleeved shirts 2 One will be crew T-shirt
Underwear 3-4 pairs In large zip lock bag
Sports Bra Synthetic 2
Hat Baseball or Boonie 1
Layer B Cool Evening
Shirt nylon/cotton blend Long sleeve 1 or 2 In large zip lock bag. Crew T-shirt
Shell pants/shorts Nylon 1 pair Zip-offs
Lite Jacket Fleece or wool 1 Or use rain jacket
Layer C Cold/Wet
Rain Jacket 1 No Panchos allowed
Rain pants 1
Stocking Cap 1
Lightweight gloves Poly pro 1 Optional
Long underwear 1 Optional
1 liter water bottles Nalgene 32oz 3 or 4 Wrap 3-4 turns of duct tape to one bottle — It will be your smellables bottle
Bowl Plastic 1 Deep (Cool Whip type container ideal)
Spoon/fork or spork Plastic 1
Toothbrush 1 BB
Toothpaste Travel size S, BB
Bandanas 2 Wear/wash with 2 or 1/2 of a towel
Compass 1
Head lamp/Pocket flashlight L.E.D. small lite 1 Batteries
Whistle 1 Safety/help
Ziploc bags 1 gallon 1 or 2 Additional clothes storage or replacement
Walking stick Stick/poles 1 Optional
Lip Balm 1 SPF 15-25 BB
Washbowl Half of milk jug 1 Optional
Sunglasses 1 pair 1 Optional
Camera 1 Spare batteries
Watch 1 Crew leader must have a watch
Foot powder 1 Optional S, BB
Notepad or journal 1 Optional
Pocket knife 1 S
Matches & lighter 1 BB
Ditty bag For personal items in bear bag
Money $10-20 small bills for trail. Depends on Trek
Foam sitting pad Optional
Tampons/Pads BB
Personal First Aid Kit Moleskin (2)
Band Aids
Personal Meds if any
Small scissors for cutting Moleskin
New Skin (Optional)
Pain Reliever (Optional)
No need to add a lot of extras. Each crew will have a crew first aid kit. BB
Personal Items
Supplied by Crew
Stakes 10 per scout Aluminum
Rope/Cord 1/8 inch cord, 25′
Plastic garbage bag 33 gallon 2 Heavy duty
Trash Compactor Bag 2 liner for sleeping bag and pack
Personal ground cloth 3′ X 3′ 1 per tent S
Disposable poncho Extended lightning mode stays
Hand sanitizer Travel size bottle BB
Soap Biodegradable & Unscented. S, BB

Note: Total personal gear minus food and water should be < 20 lb


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