Gear Purchase/Rental


A couple of options that I have used before.  There are countless others that are good as well.

Scout Direct (Alps Mountaineering)
Alps Mountaineering offers Scout families and leaders a steep discount on their gear.

Moose Jaw

Steep & Cheep
Clearance and sale items from Rotating short term sales.

Local Stores

Sportsman’s Warehouse
1450 N Renaissance Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87107

1550 Mercantile Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87107


REI (Albuquerque Location)

First Day Add’l Day
Internal Frame Pack – Adult $15 $5
2-Person Tent $18 $7
3-Person Tent $25 $10
Sleeping Bag – Adult $15 $5
Sleeping Pad – Adult $10 $4

KAFB Outdoor Recreation (must have base access)

KAFB ODR Price Sheet



Backpacking Gear List

Individual gear Detail Totals Notes Code
Back pack External: 4000 cu. in. +/-
Internal: 4800 cu. in. +/-
1 Room for crew gear. Padded Hip Belt
Pack cover Rain cover 1 Or large garbage bag modified
Daypack 1 Lightweight and could be used as clothing stuff bag
Sleeping bag Lite weight mummy+20 1 Waterproof stuff sack (< 5 lbs)
Sleeping pad Closed cell or Therm-A-Rest 1
Sleep wear shirt Long/Short sleeve cotton 1 Stuff w/ sleeping bag. Not optional
Sleep wear shorts Nylon gym shorts 1 Stuff w/ sleeping bag. Not optional
Sleeping Bag Straps NOT BUNGEE
CLOTHING All Clothes packed in Ziploc plastic bags or water proof stuff sacks
Layer A Hiking Clothes
Hiking Boots 1 Well broken in! Mid-weight with ankle support
Camp shoes Tennis/sandals/Crocs 1
Socks and liners Wool blend + liners 4 pairs ea In large zip lock bag
Hiking Shorts 1 pair Too much waist material will be uncomfortable
Short Sleeved shirts 2 One will be crew T-shirt
Underwear 3-4 pairs In large zip lock bag
Sports Bra Synthetic 2
Hat Baseball or Boonie 1
Layer B Cool Evening
Shirt nylon/cotton blend Long sleeve 1 or 2 In large zip lock bag. Crew T-shirt
Shell pants/shorts Nylon 1 pair Zip-offs
Lite Jacket Fleece or wool 1 Or use rain jacket
Layer C Cold/Wet
Rain Jacket 1 No Panchos allowed
Rain pants 1
Stocking Cap 1
Lightweight gloves Poly pro 1 Optional
Long underwear 1 Optional
1 liter water bottles Nalgene 32oz 3 or 4 Wrap 3-4 turns of duct tape to one bottle — It will be your smellables bottle
Bowl Plastic 1 Deep (Cool Whip type container ideal)
Spoon/fork or spork Plastic 1
Toothbrush 1 BB
Toothpaste Travel size S, BB
Bandanas 2 Wear/wash with 2 or 1/2 of a towel
Compass 1
Head lamp/Pocket flashlight L.E.D. small lite 1 Batteries
Whistle 1 Safety/help
Ziploc bags 1 gallon 1 or 2 Additional clothes storage or replacement
Walking stick Stick/poles 1 Optional
Lip Balm 1 SPF 15-25 BB
Washbowl Half of milk jug 1 Optional
Sunglasses 1 pair 1 Optional
Camera 1 Spare batteries
Watch 1 Crew leader must have a watch
Foot powder 1 Optional S, BB
Notepad or journal 1 Optional
Pocket knife 1 S
Matches & lighter 1 BB
Ditty bag For personal items in bear bag
Money $10-20 small bills for trail. Depends on Trek
Foam sitting pad Optional
Tampons/Pads BB
Personal First Aid Kit Moleskin (2)
Band Aids
Personal Meds if any
Small scissors for cutting Moleskin
New Skin (Optional)
Pain Reliever (Optional)
No need to add a lot of extras. Each crew will have a crew first aid kit. BB
Personal Items
Supplied by Crew
Stakes 10 per scout Aluminum
Rope/Cord 1/8 inch cord, 25′
Plastic garbage bag 33 gallon 2 Heavy duty
Trash Compactor Bag 2 liner for sleeping bag and pack
Personal ground cloth 3′ X 3′ 1 per tent S
Disposable poncho Extended lightning mode stays
Hand sanitizer Travel size bottle BB
Soap Biodegradable & Unscented. S, BB

Note: Total personal gear minus food and water should be < 20 lb

Philmont Training Schedule – 2014

IMPORTANT: A lack of participation will result in you getting dropped from the roster.  If you can not make an activity, please let Mr. Smith know before hand.


April 1st at 7 PM – Annunciation Community Center

  • Initial Philmont meeting
  • Philmont activity selection
  • Training schedule,
  • Gear list, T-shirts, hats, misc. expenses, etc.

April 15th at 7 PM – Annunciation Community Center

  • Overview of backpacking gear
  • Philmont food and gear discussion

May 2nd – 4th – Introductory Backpacking Trip – Rio Frijoles

  • Food and Transportation planning April 29th at 7 PM, Location: TBD

June 13th – 15th – Backpacking Trip – San Pedro Parks Wilderness

  • Food and Transportation planning June 10th at 7 PM, Location: TBD

August 8th – 10th – Backpacking Trip – Pecos Wilderness

  • Food and Transportation planning August 5th at 7 PM, Location: TBD

August 29th – 31st – Backpacking Trip – Wheeler Peak

  • Food and Transportation planning August 26th at 7 PM, Location: TBD
  • Enter from the Red River side

October 10th – 12th – COPE – Gorham Scout Ranch

  • Food and Transportation planning October 7th at 7 PM, Location: TBD


Day Hikes

  • On Saturday mornings after school ends in May
  • Land navigation skills, etc.
  • Details will be emailed out

Ten Essentials

Since we were discussing the Ten Essentials last night, I thought I would post a link to a systems approach to the Ten Essentials put out by the Mountaineers, a well-respected outdoor organization.

To summarize, the ten essentials as the Mountaineers organization describes them are:

  1. Navigation
  2. Sun Protection
  3. Insulation
  4. Illumination
  5. First-Aid Supplies
  6. Fire
  7. Repair Kit and Tools
  8. Nutrition
  9. Hydration
  10. Emergency Shelter

Philmont 2015 Information

Trek dates: July 11 – 23, 2015
Cost: $855 per person

Payment Schedule:

  • February 10, 2014 – $100
  • September 15, 2014 – $377.50
  • February 16, 2015 – $377.50

Philmont fees are non-refundable and must be paid in full.  If a scout is unable to attend they may find someone to purchase their slot.  Approval of the substitute person by the adult leadership is required since they must be physically able to attend.

There will be some additional expenses incurred for crew gear such as T-shirts, fuel, training outings, etc.


  • Register with the Crew by May 2014.  Crew eligibility is age 14, or 13 and graduated from the 8th grade, and not yet 21 by July 2015.
  • Participate in all training meetings, hikes, and outings.  We anticipate a minimum of 2- 3 backpacking trips this year and next along with regular hikes. Lack of participation will result in removal from the trip.